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     I am a professional contortion and flexibility instructor in the United States. My methods focus on building strength as a way to increase your range of motion, as well as your lines and active flexibility in a safe way. After an injury early on in my training, I worked with a physical therapist to find safe ways to train. I have used this experience and knowledge to create a curriculum that helps students achieve their flexibility goals safely and with control, strength, and grace.




At this time I am offering:

- Flexibility Foundations Program 

          An online, pre-recorded 8 week class series that takes you through foundational flexibility and strength technique, suitable for all levels looking to find any gaps in current training technique. Click here for more information and to sign up.

- Online Private Lessons 

        One on one, hour long sessions. Space is extremely limited at the moment. 

- Workshops

                 If you are a studio interested in flexibility workshops, please reach out via the contact form for more information. 

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