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Available acts:  Videos available upon request

 -Short Skirt, Long Jacket
    A dynamic, sexy, romp in red. Put your heels on and enjoy a fun four minutes of high level technique served up with style and a reverse strip tease.

   -Acoustic Guitar Contemporary
     Light and floating, this dance-influenced piece simply rolls across the floor. Can be performed to a musical track or with live guitar, it is smooth and emotional.
   -Bubble Gum contortion
     Silly, sparkly, sweet- exactly what it sounds like. Classic contortion with a whimsical twist. Have you ever seen someone blow bubblegum while sitting on their own head? 
     Dark and sexy, animalistic appeal while maintaining elegance. Can be performed as a solo or with up to six backup dancers. Perfect for Halloween, or any event with a darker side to its theme.
   -New Solo Creation upon request
     With adequate notice, a brand new act can be created specifically for your event or show. I love a new challenge, let me imagine something just for you.
   -Duo Contortion
    Looking for more contortion? As an experienced duo contortion base, I am pleased to offer either a male/female or female/female contortion duo act. Themes can vary depending on your event, but wow factor is guaranteed. Requires at least 3 weeks notice and the availability of both partners. Please contact me well in advance for this one.
   -Ambient Sets
    If you're looking for more of  a presence than an act, I also offer up to 3 sets of 15 minute ambient or atmospheric contortion, providing up close and bizarre atmosphere to any event. 

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