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From My Students

On Private Lessons:

"Everything I never knew I needed.

Quite an excellent instructor. Lisbeth makes things extremely challenging while keeping them feasible. She highlighted my sticking points, assessed my ability, and gave pointed progressions and instruction. Lisbeth will do nothing less than a great job. Truly a master of her craft."

 "Lisbeth is an amazing coach and has completely changed the way I train. I have made more progress in the last 3 months with her than I have in 4 years of training contortion with other teachers. She is patient and kind, but she never lets me off the hook about doing the work it takes to make progress."


"...Her verbal cues were all so spot-on and really unlocked a lot of muscle and brain connections I needed to train smart and advance myself. She is a very well-informed and well-rounded teacher and I would recommend her to others in a heartbeat!"



"Throughout my years of training I have experienced many different stretching techniques and I find Lisbeth's approach to be not only the most effective, but also the safest. What I appreciate about her coaching is that she emphasizes strength as much as flexibility - that strengthening the body can actually lead to deeper and more productive stretching. Lisbeth is not only talented but an extremely encouraging and responsible coach. More than recommend, I urge people to train responsibly, train effectively, and train correctly and Lisbeth really embodies all those qualities. She is an amazing coach, and I feel incredibly fortunate to train with her."



On Flexibility Foundations Course:

"I loved the course, it helped me a lot with improving technique, stamina and also in handstands, and shoulder strength in general. 

This is a solid course where it's possible to learn and have feedback, which is not easy to find."



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