New to contortion and not sure where to start? 

Experienced and looking for a technique touch up, guided warmup, or just a breath of fresh air in your training? 

In response to overwhelming interest in private lessons and limited hours in the day, I am creating a class with opportunities for feedback to take you through the basics of safe warmup and stretching practices for hips, shoulders, back, and cool down. 


Here's how it works: 

- I have 8 weeks of classes prepared to get you started (one class per week, an hour to an hour and a half long)

- Before Saturday, September 4th, send me an email through the contact form below with your name, preferred email, how many classes you would like (packages explained below), and a little information about you and where you're starting from so we can get to know each other. 

- I will reply between August 26th and Saturday, September 4th with a waiver and any other information you will need before starting. 

The series is 8 videos long. You can do one at a time, just to try it out, or purchase multiple at once for a small discount if you're sure you will like it. 


Individual: $70 each

One month: $250

Full 2 months: $530

Only 10 spots available, so let me know as soon as possible!

- Class 1 will be sent to you via Vimeo link on Monday, September 6th.

- Videos will be up for one week and come down on Mondays, so make sure you make time during the week to train!

- Thursday - Friday you can email me with photos, videos (3 minutes or less, please), questions, and comments so I can see how you're doing. 

- Each Monday for 7 more weeks I will send you a new week's video link, with notes, explanations, tips, and responses based on what you sent me. 

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